Our #ChinNationArmy is Growing

We are quite fortunate.  We were selected to become the new guardians of Ninja…and the moment he leaped out of the truck, he looked as though he was home.

With so many dogs, we introduced in stages.  Michiyo, being the alpha, was first.  She was absolutely thrilled to see another smush-face!

Niko followed, and was equally as happy he had a new funhouse mirror brother!

Moki  (foster) pushed her way past Hyde to say hello.

KJ was next, and being a bit larger, was clumsy and awkward, but actually very happy to have another Chin around.   Sagan drooled everywhere while sniffing to say sup.

The small dogs ran around the pool after their dinner of bacon wrapped filet mignon (not even kidding) about twenty times before being ready to come inside to crash in the recliners.

The oldest arrived back home after his meetings, and was suddenly the most interesting man on the planet  (he had food).

It’s funny how quickly the pack has accepted Ninja.  It’s almost as though he’s always been here, and that’s exactly what we’d hoped would happen. 

We may need a bigger than king bed if I keep collecting Chins…LOL 

This Moment Brought to You…

…by three dogs inside one room while two are outside.  Seriously, for a moment, Sagan (great dane) was staring in as the three little ones stared out, like they were having a conversation through the bedroom window.  Dogs are furry humans.


Niko received a new collar and a rocket ship tag for Christmas; the one he’d originally had was finally snug and it was time for him to go up to ‘medium’.

All the dogs did so well last weekend, as we had over twenty people in our home to celebrate the holidays.  They played and played with all the kids running around, inside and outside.  I do love how well socialized they are; it definitely helps when around those who aren’t normally dog people.

With Mema here for the month, they’ve been extra spoiled, as one would expect.  They’re still all my babies, though, as they’re currently in bed with me (kids have some pretty gross germs which render adults powerless), snoring as I type this.  Slackers.

Here’s to hoping your Christmas is as wonderful as ours has been!  Cheers!