Last week was pretty productive.  I got a wild hair and decided to completely revamp the formal dining room…since it was hideous before, anything I could have done equals total improvement. The pups approve of the changes, and if you ask them, they did all the work.

Jerks.  I love those faces. 

Evening Snackages

I have to be honest here:  I am shocked our dogs are not terribly overweight.  We snack in the evenings while decompressing with lame cooking shows, and all our nommies are totes pup-friendly, like duh.  (I’ve been around teenagers and young adults all weekend.)

Here’s sweet Niko (ok, I know I’m obsessed with him, and he’s absolutely my everything…suck it, kids to whom I gave birth!) as he “shares” with us:


Also, mad props to Samsung for their fantabulous Galaxy S7 Edge…the cameras on this thing are amazeballs.


This must be what zombie life feels like; a steady rain, forever stuck inside wondering if there’s any escape…


…taking a nap because what else is there to do besides sit and wait..?


Or just stare at it, zoned out, knowing you could be basking in the Sun’s warm rays if it weren’t for that darn rain.  Sigh.

This Face!


Sweet loving little Niko…my constant companion.  According to him, I have no idea how to do anything alone, so it’s a good thing he’s always right there.

We garden together, eat meals together, we go for car rides together, we potty together…and right now, we post this together.  I can’t feel my legs and the fan over my head is not cooling me like it should.  Oh, and I have to tinkle.

This is going to be a very long nap hour…