Our #ChinNationArmy is Growing

We are quite fortunate.  We were selected to become the new guardians of Ninja…and the moment he leaped out of the truck, he looked as though he was home.

With so many dogs, we introduced in stages.  Michiyo, being the alpha, was first.  She was absolutely thrilled to see another smush-face!

Niko followed, and was equally as happy he had a new funhouse mirror brother!

Moki  (foster) pushed her way past Hyde to say hello.

KJ was next, and being a bit larger, was clumsy and awkward, but actually very happy to have another Chin around.   Sagan drooled everywhere while sniffing to say sup.

The small dogs ran around the pool after their dinner of bacon wrapped filet mignon (not even kidding) about twenty times before being ready to come inside to crash in the recliners.

The oldest arrived back home after his meetings, and was suddenly the most interesting man on the planet  (he had food).

It’s funny how quickly the pack has accepted Ninja.  It’s almost as though he’s always been here, and that’s exactly what we’d hoped would happen. 

We may need a bigger than king bed if I keep collecting Chins…LOL 


Last week was pretty productive.  I got a wild hair and decided to completely revamp the formal dining room…since it was hideous before, anything I could have done equals total improvement. The pups approve of the changes, and if you ask them, they did all the work.

Jerks.  I love those faces. 

Prince of Pests


This shot was going to be a zoomed in picture of a bird in the live oak tree…but in true Niko fashion, even this photo had to be alllllll about him.   So needy.  So adorable.  So I zoomed back out just in time to have him finish walking over to my face, get a kiss, and walk back off again.

This is my life.  I garden, I wrangle dogs, I take photos, I rinse and repeat.  There really shouldn’t be much more to life.  It should be that simple.


“Michiyo, Hyde and I are bored.  Quit napping and come play with us!  Michiyo..?”

These three, man.  Some days I really want to be a dog…

Vet Day for Hydecker

Poor sweet little Hyde. How I love this rat-mutt…and how I hate that he’s hurting right now.

He and Fate both had comprehensive exams today, complete with shots.  While she snoozes upstairs with her mom, Hyde is curled up where he’s most comfortable:  right beside his mom.  For someone to have had such a ruff (had to, lol) start to his life, he’s such a lover and a fighter.


I’m Not Tiredzzzzzzzzzzz…


Dogs are the absolute best therapy.  I’m literally sitting here, waiting on that call to tell me a fight for life is over, and they know I’m stressed beyond words.  So they’ve been within arm’s reach the whole day.

If you’re reading this, go hug your loved ones.  Pull them close and don’t let go. Love.  Live.  Enjoy every moment, good or trying.  Dance in the rain.  Sing loud.  Laugh so hard you cry.  Do that thing you’ve always wanted to do, but were too scared to even consider doing it.  Take that leap!  Soar!!

I love you, even if I don’t know you.  We’re all on this crazy rock together, and that’s what makes us family.  ::hugs::

Natural Born Grass Killers

From a technical standpoint, that’s incorrect.  They’re more like grass growth stunters…if ‘stunters’ is even a word (my phone says I’m crazy).

This patch of what was once lush happy grass has not been mowed in forever.  It hasn’t needed it since it’s clearly a dog playground.  Oh well.  At least they’re happy!



…and to think I almost adopted a goat for this same purpose…

Slow Day

I spent a good bit of my day waiting for people to show up, or call for me to run across town.  Not a lot to report; the dogs kept up with themselves and the house didn’t burn down.  It’s a step up from leaving a bunch of teenagers home alone.

Here’s a bird’s nest within the leaf blower:


…and a shot of Hyde as he plays with a toy: