Waiting on Daddy to get back from the store is tiring.

This perch was created for Michiyo, as she is nosey and likes to see who is doing what in the neighborhood.  As you can see, it holds two (and sometimes three) butts comfortably.  This is also the spot where all dogs are named ‘Nuh uh‘, because they will start growling and barking at things like a leaf on the grass, or a bird in the tree…

Tug o’Turkey, or How to Wear Out Two Puppies with One Toy

The funny thing about children, be they fur-full or fur-less, is that no matter the massive quantities of toys, they will fight over the one most annoying ever toy, because it makes cool noises.

Niko and Hyde v Turkey

The latest game craze (because, Ma, all the cool puppies are doing it) is to drop this turkey at my feet, sit, and go running full force after it as it flies down hallways, into other rooms, under desks, around recliners…growl, growl, grrrrinse, grrrrepeat…