After the Rain…


“Yes, Ma, I AM guarding your mmmmmmulberries…”  Right.

It has been a hell of an emotional two weeks, but these sweet dogs have managed to keep me smiling.  I love their intuitive nature, staying close to me at all times to make sure I’m ok.  They really know how to do this thing we call “life”.


Yes, I yelled that out yesterday between rainstorms.  It was either that or let Niko step on a snake which had decided my garden entry seemed like a good place to hang out for a while.  I had only just noticed it myself, as I called him to exit with me…hell, I nearly touched it when doing a quick fence repair and had no clue until I stood to leave. 

Poor Niko.  His face was so sad, as though his best friend had just died before him.  He never did see the snake, but I can assure you I picked him up and told him he was the best little man ever, listening and following directions to take a wide path around.  Whew. 


At the time, I’d only had a quick glance, as my primary concern was Niko.  Snakes don’t typically bother us here, and only occasionally put me behind schedule (as was the case earlier this month as I had to wait for a coral snake to get off the spigot) from my backyard duties.  I regret not seeing its eyes to be certain it was a harmless blotched water snake, as they can easily flatten their heads to appear venomous when threatened…and hey, if I’m wrong, at least we all escaped without harm.  =)

On to the next adventure!