Prince of Pests


This shot was going to be a zoomed in picture of a bird in the live oak tree…but in true Niko fashion, even this photo had to be alllllll about him.   So needy.  So adorable.  So I zoomed back out just in time to have him finish walking over to my face, get a kiss, and walk back off again.

This is my life.  I garden, I wrangle dogs, I take photos, I rinse and repeat.  There really shouldn’t be much more to life.  It should be that simple.


“Michiyo, Hyde and I are bored.  Quit napping and come play with us!  Michiyo..?”

These three, man.  Some days I really want to be a dog…

Coyotes and Deer and Hogs, oh my!


Niko is my personal guardian. Anytime we are in the backyard, he places himself between my body and the back fence. Last week, he literally blocked me from leaving the patio area; I’d had no clue coyotes were there until a fire truck went down the highway and they yipped further into the ranch behind. Sweet, loving, brave little guy. =)

Today is a calmer day; he’s still keeping watch, but relaxed as he does so.