Oh, You Wanted to Sleep Here..?


Oh, Ninja.  You’re right.  I’ll just scoot over once you release my legs…



The cooler temperatures of late brought out the feistiness in all the pups…and evidently also a little ham and cheese…  These characters make sure we never have a dull moment.

Brothers, Literally from Other Mothers…Until Meow.

I had thought, during that god-awful drive home down 620 during rush hour, that maybe I was betraying my sweet Niko by bringing home another black and white male Chin.  I knew he was very tolerant of others, but I had wondered how he would react with someone new sharing his Ma and his bed.  

Concerns were…well, stupid.  These two are brothers, having only been temporarily separated and then reunited as though they’d never been apart…even though they only just met.  

If only humans could be this accepting of one another…imagine the size of our instant families then! 

My heart…she is full.