This Face!


Sweet loving little Niko…my constant companion.  According to him, I have no idea how to do anything alone, so it’s a good thing he’s always right there.

We garden together, eat meals together, we go for car rides together, we potty together…and right now, we post this together.  I can’t feel my legs and the fan over my head is not cooling me like it should.  Oh, and I have to tinkle.

This is going to be a very long nap hour…

Prince of Pests


This shot was going to be a zoomed in picture of a bird in the live oak tree…but in true Niko fashion, even this photo had to be alllllll about him.   So needy.  So adorable.  So I zoomed back out just in time to have him finish walking over to my face, get a kiss, and walk back off again.

This is my life.  I garden, I wrangle dogs, I take photos, I rinse and repeat.  There really shouldn’t be much more to life.  It should be that simple.


“Michiyo, Hyde and I are bored.  Quit napping and come play with us!  Michiyo..?”

These three, man.  Some days I really want to be a dog…

Wait, Whaaaa..?

Thanks to Mother Nature taking care of all our watering needs today, I was able to play around with my latest camera and photoshop!


Yes, Niko, I’m positive you shouldn’t eat the bee.  Sigh.  Dogs are like toddlers:  So cute you can’t kill them, forever questioning your authority and testing their boundaries, pushing you closer to that drink before it’s even 8 am.  Wine should count as a breakfast juice…just sayin’.

People Watching

We drove down to San Marcos Sunday to visit with our oldest daughter. She hasn’t put down a pet deposit and she misses our home full o’critters…this is the longest she’s been without in her entire life…so we took the chindren (yes, I’m weird) along for the ride.

The people watching at Tantra is always the best (as is the food and coffee).


This also wears them out so they sleep the whole way home.