More Rain..? Gaaahhhhhh…


“Niko, it’s going to rain again.”  That’s the look of one very upset little man.  While the days inside are full of chases on slippery tile and Ma’s ‘inside only’ toys, they aren’t nearly as exciting as the great outdoors.  To be honest, I think I made this same face as Alexa told us the forecast…

Vet Day for Hydecker

Poor sweet little Hyde. How I love this rat-mutt…and how I hate that he’s hurting right now.

He and Fate both had comprehensive exams today, complete with shots.  While she snoozes upstairs with her mom, Hyde is curled up where he’s most comfortable:  right beside his mom.  For someone to have had such a ruff (had to, lol) start to his life, he’s such a lover and a fighter.


I’m Not Tiredzzzzzzzzzzz…


Dogs are the absolute best therapy.  I’m literally sitting here, waiting on that call to tell me a fight for life is over, and they know I’m stressed beyond words.  So they’ve been within arm’s reach the whole day.

If you’re reading this, go hug your loved ones.  Pull them close and don’t let go. Love.  Live.  Enjoy every moment, good or trying.  Dance in the rain.  Sing loud.  Laugh so hard you cry.  Do that thing you’ve always wanted to do, but were too scared to even consider doing it.  Take that leap!  Soar!!

I love you, even if I don’t know you.  We’re all on this crazy rock together, and that’s what makes us family.  ::hugs::

Photo Flippage

Sitting in a hotel room in Louisiana, waiting for an old friend to transfer hospital rooms so the restrictive ICU times no longer matter, and I’m flipping through photos of the pups, wanting a snuggle.  I could have brought them with, as the hotel allows pets, but they’d be pretty bored half the time.


Niko is the reason I dislike white tile…but he’s cute, so he’s easily forgiven. =)