Yes, I yelled that out yesterday between rainstorms.  It was either that or let Niko step on a snake which had decided my garden entry seemed like a good place to hang out for a while.  I had only just noticed it myself, as I called him to exit with me…hell, I nearly touched it when doing a quick fence repair and had no clue until I stood to leave. 

Poor Niko.  His face was so sad, as though his best friend had just died before him.  He never did see the snake, but I can assure you I picked him up and told him he was the best little man ever, listening and following directions to take a wide path around.  Whew. 


At the time, I’d only had a quick glance, as my primary concern was Niko.  Snakes don’t typically bother us here, and only occasionally put me behind schedule (as was the case earlier this month as I had to wait for a coral snake to get off the spigot) from my backyard duties.  I regret not seeing its eyes to be certain it was a harmless blotched water snake, as they can easily flatten their heads to appear venomous when threatened…and hey, if I’m wrong, at least we all escaped without harm.  =)

On to the next adventure!

Rainy Days, or What Were People Thinking Building the House with White Tile AND a Dog Run?!

So, here we are again, at our breakfast table, both staring at the wet world outside.  We aren’t accustomed to having the doors closed these days.  We.  Are.  Bored.

At least Niko will enjoy the new flowers to sniff once we can go outside.  He and the others will play and get muddy because that’s how you have the best fun. 


The dog run, btw, was ripped out earlier this month as our dogs have just as much right to go where they want as we.  This way of thinking is also why I have a stiff back today, as I had two chins snuggling in extra close all night…  Moving was not an option.  Spoiled.  Rotten.

My Lap, the Napground

I’ve been attempting to go tinkle for the past hour.  Every time I think I’m clear of dogs, one of the chins tags the other one in, and I’m stuck again.

Saddest part?  When I do finally get to go, they’ll come with me, even though I’ll leave up the recliner’s foot rest and try my best to not disturb them…


I must be the most comfortable human ever...

Coyotes and Deer and Hogs, oh my!


Niko is my personal guardian. Anytime we are in the backyard, he places himself between my body and the back fence. Last week, he literally blocked me from leaving the patio area; I’d had no clue coyotes were there until a fire truck went down the highway and they yipped further into the ranch behind. Sweet, loving, brave little guy. =)

Today is a calmer day; he’s still keeping watch, but relaxed as he does so.

Various Photos of an Absolute Mess


Ma’s not sharing her coffee…and I really need it.


I’ll come help you in a bit, Ma…but first, I need a zzzzzz…


Every morning, Danny takes the dogs outside; when the chins return to bed, Niko wiggles beneath the covers for the last hour of snuggle time.


Chin rest at the breakfast table.


Hyde & Niko, doing what they do best:  Holding down Ma.


Home theatre = nap:30.

Niko v Squirrel, the Video


Second, I shot this video this morning, on my phone, through what I now see is a terribly dirty window.  The little dogs all like to harass the squirrels; I put the corn feeder close to the branch of the live oak so the fluffy friends could eat without fear of falling off and becoming a new chew toy.

Finally, please enjoy.  Note that there are about to be a ton of photos also uploaded, once I log in with my phone.  I would go upstairs and edit on my big computer, but some spoiled rotten 19yo is up there, in town from San Marcos, gaming on Mom’s epic system…  ::sigh::