This Moment Brought to You…

…by three dogs inside one room while two are outside.  Seriously, for a moment, Sagan (great dane) was staring in as the three little ones stared out, like they were having a conversation through the bedroom window.  Dogs are furry humans.


Niko received a new collar and a rocket ship tag for Christmas; the one he’d originally had was finally snug and it was time for him to go up to ‘medium’.

All the dogs did so well last weekend, as we had over twenty people in our home to celebrate the holidays.  They played and played with all the kids running around, inside and outside.  I do love how well socialized they are; it definitely helps when around those who aren’t normally dog people.

With Mema here for the month, they’ve been extra spoiled, as one would expect.  They’re still all my babies, though, as they’re currently in bed with me (kids have some pretty gross germs which render adults powerless), snoring as I type this.  Slackers.

Here’s to hoping your Christmas is as wonderful as ours has been!  Cheers!