My Lap is a Bed


I’m not real clear on how this was comfortable, but since Niko was in this position for many minutes, it must have been.  It was either comfort or a protest against watching Ghostbusters instead of football in the theatre (in my defense, the guys were in the family room with NFL on, so he could have watched in there, but I’d already won fantasy football, so there was no point in continuing to watch my points skyrocket).

He’s terribly smart, too.  I noticed he’d jumped up from the right side of the recliner, which meant he’d have to step on the button to turn on this blanket.  I noticed my legs warming a couple minutes after he’d snuggled in, and thought to myself, “This is Michiyo Jr. right here…I’m in for a world of trouble.”  Now that I’m thinking back, they do spend an awful lot of time just sitting next to one another; I wonder what secrets she’s sharing..?

Fever – 1, Niko – 0


Poor Niko.  It’s the first real happy sunny day in a while, and he has himself perched in his favorite chair at the breakfast table, watching outside as the others play around.

I knew he wasn’t feeling well first thing this morning when he asked to be put back up onto the bed.  We snuggled for another hour until my need for coffee was so strong I had to move.  He followed into the kitchen, then up into his chair.  He’s been outside to potty once or twice, but keeps coming back inside.

Here’s to hoping he’ll feel better in time for his first trip to the coast this weekend!