Critters… We Have Them.


We have a tendency to adopt animals.  The bunny Michiyo and Niko are watching was a backyard rescue; it was nearly mowed down and then went for a swim before being pulled out and handed to a teenager with big blue eyes, asking why we’d even consider letting such a helpless little thing back out into the wild…  ::sigh::  Perks of living on the edge of ranch land; you never know what will show up on any given day.

Michiyo calls this bunny her “baby” and she’ll run over to howl-bark at it at a simple command of, “Go see your baby…” and it’ll jump all around the cage, waiting on her to pounce this side or that.  This will go on until they’re both tired and lying down next to one another on either side of the fencing.  She’s teaching Niko all of this; his howl-bark needs a little work, but I’m sure it’ll be as impressive as hers in the near future.

As I type this, there’s a very exhausted Niko in my lap.  Training must be hard work.

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