Short Snouts, Tongue for Days


Niko has stolen everyone’s hearts.  With Michiyo being three, it was really difficult to remember what she was like all that time ago, even though I’ve hard drives full of her precocious behavior.  We bark, howl, growl, and play so much that sometimes we have to lie down in the grass to plot our next move.

There has been only one accident in the house, but that was because I was so busy painting our bedroom that I must not have seen him come around the corner to ask to go outside.  He has a very specific way of asking; usually it’s right up in my face, standing on my chest as if to say, “Look, Ma, either we’re going outside, or I’m going to force you to do laundry…”  He’s quite the character.

He adapted instantly to Michiyo’s nighttime ritual:
Outside one final time before bed, let the humans put you up onto the bed while they perform some weird mouth ritual, look at them like they’re crazy, make sure you’ve taken up the entire bed so they have to roll you over to rub your belly as they attempt to slide under the covers, curl up and push them to the edges, yawn, snort, sleep until 0700, then face licks.

2 responses to “Short Snouts, Tongue for Days

    • We worried that we’d have an adjustment period, but it really was a monkey-see, monkey-do sort of situation. He is steadily watching Michiyo to see what she does, and she’ll lead him around everywhere teaching him everything. It’s pretty fascinating to witness. =)


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