Slave to the Chin, or What it’s Like to Never Pee Alone

NikoIf you’ve never had the privilege of being owned by a Japanese Chin, you’ll never understand the dedication obsession it takes to keep them happy…and you’ll definitely never understand we humans who are lorded over by those sweet smushed faces, because we’re obviously maniacs who have nothing better to do than to sit around and talk to dogs all day.   Ok, so that part is true; I don’t.

Having kids prepared me for this life; I can’t tell you the last time I went to the bathroom alone at home.  In fact, when we bought our current home a year and a half ago, Michiyo went straight to the master bath, looking to see about the potty situation, then stamped her foot and snorted her approval when she noticed there were saloon doors to the throne.  Easy access to Mom, as she’s otherwise unable to escape, is important.

So why then, you ask, did I go and adopt yet another needy fluff butt?!  I can’t lie…Michiyo made me!  There cannot be world domination by shin destroyers without first building my army, Ma…find more of my kind and let them learn from me!  So I searched the mystical List of Craig day after day.  I’d honestly almost given up and was looking for some free stuff when I happened across a posting for Niko, as Michiyo was sleeping with half her face on the laptop.  There were just words on a screen, but I was instructed to contact his captors and demand his immediate release (I asked nicely; they’re wonderful people), and some time later, he came home with us.

I now have two little smushed furry faces looking up at me from beneath the saloon doors every single time I go; I suppose it’s payback for all the times I watch over them in the backyard as they do the same.

4 responses to “Slave to the Chin, or What it’s Like to Never Pee Alone

  1. Your Niko was born early 2015.He”s healthy , intelligent and charming. I always told him that his only job was to be the best cuddle muffin ever, and he took it very seriously. Chins are naturally willing to please, but he is especially so. I”d love to visit him, as he will always be loved.


    • If my house wasn’t in utter disarray as we start the long process to update it to sell, I’d invite you right on over!
      Maybe we can meet up sometime this week or weekend? Niko has been itchin’ to drive my new truck. lol


      • That would be great. I can’t worry about any one else’s house as mine has been ripped apart for three years fighting Ameriprise Ins..I’m so happy you love my little boy so much, and I can’t wait to see him.


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