Waiting on Daddy to get back from the store is tiring.

This perch was created for Michiyo, as she is nosey and likes to see who is doing what in the neighborhood.  As you can see, it holds two (and sometimes three) butts comfortably.  This is also the spot where all dogs are named ‘Nuh uh‘, because they will start growling and barking at things like a leaf on the grass, or a bird in the tree…

Yard Work, or Yawn Work..?

After Mowers

Having adult children at home usually means all the bigger chores are done by others…on their schedules.  Not today!  Today, I trimmed and mowed the backyard and some of the summer garden.

Of course, if you look at this photo, it’s clearly Hyde and Niko who mowed, and I’m a filthy liar who did nothing but sip lemonade while floating in the pool, shopping on my phone…  Boys!

Critters… We Have Them.


We have a tendency to adopt animals.  The bunny Michiyo and Niko are watching was a backyard rescue; it was nearly mowed down and then went for a swim before being pulled out and handed to a teenager with big blue eyes, asking why we’d even consider letting such a helpless little thing back out into the wild…  ::sigh::  Perks of living on the edge of ranch land; you never know what will show up on any given day.

Michiyo calls this bunny her “baby” and she’ll run over to howl-bark at it at a simple command of, “Go see your baby…” and it’ll jump all around the cage, waiting on her to pounce this side or that.  This will go on until they’re both tired and lying down next to one another on either side of the fencing.  She’s teaching Niko all of this; his howl-bark needs a little work, but I’m sure it’ll be as impressive as hers in the near future.

As I type this, there’s a very exhausted Niko in my lap.  Training must be hard work.

Short Snouts, Tongue for Days


Niko has stolen everyone’s hearts.  With Michiyo being three, it was really difficult to remember what she was like all that time ago, even though I’ve hard drives full of her precocious behavior.  We bark, howl, growl, and play so much that sometimes we have to lie down in the grass to plot our next move.

There has been only one accident in the house, but that was because I was so busy painting our bedroom that I must not have seen him come around the corner to ask to go outside.  He has a very specific way of asking; usually it’s right up in my face, standing on my chest as if to say, “Look, Ma, either we’re going outside, or I’m going to force you to do laundry…”  He’s quite the character.

He adapted instantly to Michiyo’s nighttime ritual:
Outside one final time before bed, let the humans put you up onto the bed while they perform some weird mouth ritual, look at them like they’re crazy, make sure you’ve taken up the entire bed so they have to roll you over to rub your belly as they attempt to slide under the covers, curl up and push them to the edges, yawn, snort, sleep until 0700, then face licks.

Busy Days, or Redesigns in the Hue of Fur

I apologize for not keeping up to date with this blog.  We’ve been redesigning the entire house (formal living is a home theatre, bonus room is our bedroom/office, master bedroom is Mema’s, family room is a second theatre/lodge, etc.) now that Danny’s grandmother is moving in, and there’s currently a printer in my office chair…and well, to be honest, I don’t remember my password for this, so updating from my phone has to wait until I have time for password recovery.  Basically, I’ve been busy.

Niko and Hyde are running around the house, amidst the chaos, and they think it’s the coolest thing to have new launch pads onto the recliners and sofas.  Michiyo joins in on the fun outside, but she’s far too princess-y to do so indoors.  ::eyeroll::  The boys still play the daily turkey game, and it never fails to make all of us laugh.

There are now four dog beds in various places around the house, and I’m fairly certain we’ll add another two by the time all this shuffling of furniture is over.  Of course, now that they have their own beds everywhere, I’m sure you know Niko prefers one which isn’t a bed at all, but is the recliner closest to the fireplace, and opposite the one in which Hyde sleeps.  Evenings are entertaining, as we sit down to watch sports of movies, and I’ve a lap full of puppies.  Luckily, I’m able to wiggle my toes here and there, otherwise I think my legs are gone.

I’ll be uploading photos at some point soon…once I can actually finish setting up everything upstairs (yeah, I realize I’m on a computer now, but I never use my laptop for pictures; I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to that).

Tug o’Turkey, or How to Wear Out Two Puppies with One Toy

The funny thing about children, be they fur-full or fur-less, is that no matter the massive quantities of toys, they will fight over the one most annoying ever toy, because it makes cool noises.

Niko and Hyde v Turkey

The latest game craze (because, Ma, all the cool puppies are doing it) is to drop this turkey at my feet, sit, and go running full force after it as it flies down hallways, into other rooms, under desks, around recliners…growl, growl, grrrrinse, grrrrepeat…

Slave to the Chin, or What it’s Like to Never Pee Alone

NikoIf you’ve never had the privilege of being owned by a Japanese Chin, you’ll never understand the dedication obsession it takes to keep them happy…and you’ll definitely never understand we humans who are lorded over by those sweet smushed faces, because we’re obviously maniacs who have nothing better to do than to sit around and talk to dogs all day.   Ok, so that part is true; I don’t.

Having kids prepared me for this life; I can’t tell you the last time I went to the bathroom alone at home.  In fact, when we bought our current home a year and a half ago, Michiyo went straight to the master bath, looking to see about the potty situation, then stamped her foot and snorted her approval when she noticed there were saloon doors to the throne.  Easy access to Mom, as she’s otherwise unable to escape, is important.

So why then, you ask, did I go and adopt yet another needy fluff butt?!  I can’t lie…Michiyo made me!  There cannot be world domination by shin destroyers without first building my army, Ma…find more of my kind and let them learn from me!  So I searched the mystical List of Craig day after day.  I’d honestly almost given up and was looking for some free stuff when I happened across a posting for Niko, as Michiyo was sleeping with half her face on the laptop.  There were just words on a screen, but I was instructed to contact his captors and demand his immediate release (I asked nicely; they’re wonderful people), and some time later, he came home with us.

I now have two little smushed furry faces looking up at me from beneath the saloon doors every single time I go; I suppose it’s payback for all the times I watch over them in the backyard as they do the same.